ProAir Ducting

The Duct & Joint range is a ducting system specifically designed for the residential and small commercial mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR). It is a fit for purpose system, which for the first time, offers the design professional a menu of options when designing low pressure, high efficiency duct layouts.

Duct & Joint product comes in four widths. The duct widths are (i) System 10 – 115mm, (ii) System 15 – 150mm. (iii) System 20 – 210mm and (iv) System 30 – 300mm. Each System has the same nominal height of 60mm, or 62.5mm including the couplers. System 10 and System 15 will be used predominantly in residential applications. Using Duct & Joint product with distribution boxes fits in well with the strategy of serving rooms separately from a central distribution in so far as is practicable. See D&J Guidelines.

The lengths of duct are ‘male’. The bends and reducers are ‘female’ and slip over the duct. To join two ‘male’ straight ducts use a ‘female’ coupling. If two ‘female’ bends have to be joined use a piece of straight duct. The completed joints are strong in that the ‘male’ ends are slotted in and held securely in position. The risk of air leakage is much reduced when compared to joints in rectangular duct. Download our Brochure here.