Training and Quality

Apart from the verification of the performance of the heat recovery ventilation units by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the UK there is another very important aspect which deserves equal attention in the effort to provide optimal solutions. This is in the whole area of installation and installation materials used.

During the training courses which ProAir run regularly the emphasis is not just on the how-to but more on why installation is to be done in a certain way. It is our belief that if installers are given a deep understanding of the HRV process they will not only choose the correct options on site but will continuously improve the way the work is carried out.

Training courses are held regularly. See here for more details of a course held earlier this year.

We believe that training and quality are synonymous. Without adequate training both on and off the job, quality installation cannot be achieved.

Quality materials are also crucial in the provision of a good solution. We insist on rigid ducting throughout, with properly sealed joints and minimum resistance to airflow.

The search for better and more cost effective installation materials is an ongoing process which is central to company strategy.