Schools Preschool IAQ

In Finland the quality of the indoor air was measured in 15 school buildings before and after renovation works were carried out. Heat Recovery Ventilation systems were provided where none were previously in situ. Carbon dioxide levels were substantially decreased. The overall result was that the classroom environment was greatly improved leading to less complaints re fatigue, coughing, student concentration etc. One of the recommendations was that schools should be equipped with HRV systems. Click here for more detail.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) argued in April 2010 that evidence demonstrating the relationship between indoor air quality IAQ and human performance and productivity has become more robust. Studies demonstrate that improved IAQ increases productivity and improves the performance of mental tasks, such as improved concentration and recall in both adults and children. Click here for more detail.

The attached looks at the ventilation of childcare facilities such as creches and preschools.