Air intake/exhaust

The method of accessing outside for intake and exhaust will very much depend on the selected unit location. Our preferred location for the air handling unit (AHU) is the utility or plant room on the ground floor. This generally facilitates the use of our FEX Terminal which can be located on an external wall beside the AHU.  The air streams are adjacent to one another but do not mix.

If the AHU has to be located in the attic it maybe possible to use the FEX terminal on an external wall. Other options include

  1. Wall vents
  2. Soffit vents
  3. Roof vents Р Click here to view image

When using vents there is a requirement that air exhausted will not easily be drawn back in at the intake. For this reason intake and exhaust points must have at least 2.5 m of separation, or an angular difference of at least 90 degrees.