ProAir Systems is an Irish manufacturer of heat recovery ventilation systems that also provide design and installation services to building designers. With over 25 years’ experience providing HRV services we have the experience to ensure our customers receive the most professional service available. With almost 5,000 HRV systems installed, our experience is your peace of mind. Our experienced and professional team are happy to help with any questions you may have in relation to HRV.

Our HRV systems have been listed on the Products Characteristics Database (PCDB) as well as certified by the Passive House Institute. All systems are installed by trained and experienced professionals. ProAir also have a dedicated service department who will look after your customers unit long into the future.

We can provide a full turnkey service as well as supply only service to our trade customers. All systems are designed and commissioned by trained ProAir staff to ensure full compliance with building regulations.

Builders Information Sheets

At ProAir Systems we pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise we have amassed over the years. We strive to ensure that our customers have all the necessary information in relation to ventilation when planning their build. Our Info Centre pages will provide all of the information and guidance on ventilation that you will need to design HRV into your jobs.

  • We have HRV in our block-built house. Installed by Proair of Galway. Very professional and thorough job, highly recommended. Cost was c. 8k, but we have two units due to the size of the house. Been in constant operation since October, no issues so far. Complexity? Turn it on and leave it. When you have a shower/bath press boost. That’s it.

    Ask About Money 01/08
  • We also got ours from ProAir and are very happy with it. We were strapped for extra cash, but our geo-therm. guys recommended the MHRV as a way of making the whole system more efficient. No condensation is a great thing. Your house will be healthier overall.

    Ask About Money 02/08
  • Very happy with my ProAir Ventilation System. They system settings had to be changed to due the hot weather so Breda and Shane talked me through step by step on how to correct. They were extremely helpful. Superb customer service.

    BMcC, Malahide, Dublin, August 2019
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