Introduction to ProAir HRV Systems – April 2013

For those who have never heard the term HRV, it stands for Heat Recovery Ventilation. This is a term to describe the process of ventilation which recovers heat from air leaving a building to warm the air entering the building. This is especially important in Winter when the air entering your building needs to be tempered or raised in temperature to the point where it will not make your building cold.

This is done by means of a HRV unit which recovers the heat from the air leaving and transfers this heat into the air entering. For example, when it is sub-zero outside, this fresh air is taken up to 18 or 19 degrees centigrade in the HRV unit and transmitted via a duct system to the living areas in your house.

At the same time, used or waste air is removed from your bathrooms and kitchen and exhausted outside, but now much reduced in temperature.


A graphic to describe how one air-stream moves through the other without any mixing of the air in with the air out

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