Managing your ProAir MVHR System in warmer weather

For those of you who can enjoy the outdoors these days, please do, but for most of us who are indoors it can be uncomfortable without some form of air conditioning. The ventilation which we have provided you with is not air conditioning and even with the so-called summer bypass attached, will not make any contribution towards cooling your house.

Seemingly a common myth is that extra insulation is causing the houses to overheat. This is incorrect, in fact your extra insulation is helping to keep the heat out. It is that modern houses are often over-glazed and let in the sun. There are two things you can do to help comfort levels in this weather;

  1. Manage your solar gains by keeping south facing curtains / blinds closed.
  2. Manage your ventilation by (a) having windows and doors open as much as possible and (b) running your ventilation systems as follows;

For those of you who have a touch-screen control try the following;

  • Set the system to boost at the display module
  • Press the settings icon
  • Press installer settings tab
  • Press speed settings
  • Adjust Fan1 boost speed down to16% (this won’t work if you go lower)
  • Press set
  • Press home

What this means is that one fan is only just moving at 16% and moving no air, while the other one is moving maximum air either into your house (supply to living) or out (extract) from wet areas. Your house will have been set up to have either fan 1 or fan 2 as the supply or vice versa. This will depend on the orientation of your unit to external.

This strategy will have the effect of getting an air steam moving through your house without being influenced by an airstream going in the opposite direction.

To change the direction, simply adjust F2 instead of F1. This process will need to be reversed before the winter.