ProAir Systems Training Course 10th May 2018

ProAir Systems will hold a training course in its offices in Polkeen Industrial Estate, Castlegar,Tuam Road, Galway on Thursday 10th May 2018.

The course will focus on the installation of heat recovery ventilation systems, the concepts and the technology which go alongside. The instruction and guidance provided will be based on many years experience of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of HRV systems.

The first part of the course will address some of the science underpinning HRV. The focus will be on the relevant regulations and system design. The second part will highlight examples of best practices of installation and commissioning.

Course objectives
To provide the course recipient with a basic understanding and appreciation of the following, as relevant to residential ventilation systems with heat recovery.

1. Correct utilisation of the terms used in the ventilation industry.
2. An overview of heat exchanger technology.
3. How to calculate air velocities given air flows and duct sizes.
4. System pressures and the consequences for efficiency.
5. Mould growth, its causes and prevention.
6. The hygroscopic properties of air as relevant to ventilation.
7. Efficiencies in fan and motor technologies.
8. How to design for comfort, in terms of airflow and air movement.
9. Design duct layouts which work, in a residential context.
10. Ventilation and acoustics.
11. Controls strategy for HRV.
12. Air purification and filtration.

The course will also help participants;

  • Gain an appreciation of the relevant building regulations and codes.
  • Inspire a confidence to convey to others the benefits of such systems and hence provide
    sales assistance.

It will also include practical tips on installation, design and commissioning of systems in various types of applications.

09.15 Registration tea/coffee
09.30 Welcome/introduction
10.15 The science behind air
11.30 Basic building physics
12.15 Building regulations as applying to HRV
01.00 Lunch break
01.45 Ducting layout/Installation components
02.15 Ducting system and design
02.45 Commissioning / airflow balancing
03.00 Fan selection and performance analysis.
03.15 Controls
04.00 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
04.45 Recap
05.00 Close

Deposit of €50 per person will fully refunded on the morning of the course. The €50 deposit is to secure a place on the course.

Booking can be made through our event page on Eventbrite.

For any further information please contact us;

Email: or
Tel: 091 73 9442