Filters – Overview

Air filters are an important part of any HRV system, they remove particles from the air. The filters will catch air borne particles such as pollen, dust, combustion particles, etc. By using and regularly changing filters you can ensure clean & healthy air is being supplied to your home.

Over time the filters become clogged and need to be checked regularly and be changed annually. The filters ensure that the air entering your home is clean. Changing filters regularly will ensure the long life of your HRV system.


Recommendation Summary

We recommend that the filters are checked and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every 3-4 months. A very important aspect of maintaining the up keep of your system is filter replacement.  We advise doing so at least once a year, however, the frequency can depend on the following:

  • Your geographical location
  • The number of people in the house
  • System Usage.

It is recommended that filters are changed at least once per year. Changing the filters is straightforward. The units are designed so that the filters can be easily accessed. No tools are needed and full instructions are provided in the operator manual.

Please see our operator manual or our quick video for more information.

Filter Types

Filter Types

ProAir has upgraded its products over the years. One of the consequences of this has been the necessity to change the filter size along the way. When ordering we strongly suggest that you check the actual size (length x breadth x height) so as to ensure that the correct replacement is sent out to you.

  • We have HRV in our block-built house. Installed by Proair of Galway. Very professional and thorough job, highly recommended. Cost was c. 8k, but we have two units due to the size of the house. Been in constant operation since October, no issues so far. Complexity? Turn it on and leave it. When you have a shower/bath press boost. That’s it.

    Ask About Money 01/08
  • We also got ours from ProAir and are very happy with it. We were strapped for extra cash, but our geo-therm. guys recommended the MHRV as a way of making the whole system more efficient. No condensation is a great thing. Your house will be healthier overall.

    Ask About Money 02/08
  • Very happy with my ProAir Ventilation System. They system settings had to be changed to due the hot weather so Breda and Shane talked me through step by step on how to correct. They were extremely helpful. Superb customer service.

    BMcC, Malahide, Dublin, August 2019
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