ProAir 600LI Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit


The PA600i was the original Heat Recovery Ventilation unit designed and developed by ProAir Systems and was created with the larger house in mind. The experience of the time was that self-build dwellings were generally between 400m3 and 600m3 in volume and hence the number 600 was assigned to indicate the optimal house-size for the unit.

  • This Heat Recovery Ventilation unit is best located within the thermal envelope of the house. It can be placed at high level in say a utility room or hotpress in order to save on floor space. If this is not an option it may be placed in the attic.
  • Expanded polyethylene casing to ensure high levels of insulation.
  • High efficiency pure polystyrene counter-flow plate exchanger.
  • Low energy EC motors.
  • Totally silent operation.
  • G4 high grade filters. Other levels available
  • Appendix Q listed

Clean Fresh Air Continously:

Filtered fresh air is circulated throughout your home day and night. On average most people spend over 80% of their time indoors. 50% of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravated by poor indoor air quality. The ProAir HRV System will continuously remove stale moist air from your home creating a more suitable and healthy place to live.

Energy Efficient Ventilation:

A Heat Recovery Ventilation system will save you money and reduce your energy requirements for heating by re-using the heat that is normally lost through poor construction. A Heat Recovery Ventilation system is also designed to operate continuously at a low rate to minimise the electrical energy consumption.

Condensation Elimination:

All water vapour will be removed as it is produced. As a result there is no moisture condensation which causes rot, damp, condensation or mould growth.


Comfort levels are superior in a house fitted with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system/unit. Irrespective of weather conditions, draught free balanced ventilation is provided all the time.

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Datasheet Summary

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation unit suitable for residential and small commercial.
  • Heat Exchanger:     Counter-flow pure polystyrene 0.02mm plates
  • Fans:            R3G190 Backward curved impellors, 2 of.
  • AHU body:        Expanded polyethylene
  • Filters:             G4 Panels on supply and extract.
  • Control:        0-10v input variable speed, with timed boost over-ride.
  • Max Airflow:        550 m3/hr
  • SAP Appendix Q listed.