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D. Clarke

September 2021
We had a HRV unit from another company in place for just over 3 years, a faulty unit from day 1 and even worse service from that particular company. Our electric bills where going up every month and no solution from that company, so we contacted the team at ProAir to come out, assess our set up and give us some guidance. Ronan came out to see us, and provided us with his excellent knowledge in this area, he gave us some very good insights with regards the set up we had and then some good suggestions on how to improve. We asked the team at ProAir for a quote and Breda was very quick to get back to us with all the details we needed, the price was extremely competitive, so within a few weeks we had Ronan and Matteusz on site and we where up and running. Our electric bill is now a fraction of what it was, we’ll have the system pay for itself within another 3 months. Breda was a huge help getting us through any queries we had and the whole experience was very positive. I can’t say enough good things about this company, their professionalism first and foremost sets them apart from many others, add then their knowledge and you’ll do well to find better anywhere else.

M.Forde Galway

April 2021
We definitely notice a big difference in the air quality in our home since the installation of your system. Prior to the installation the air felt quite stuffy especially in the parts of the house that have underfloor heating and new windows and doors. We also had a significant problem with condensation on all of our windows, so much so, that we would have had to use a towel to dry them in the mornings if there had been a very cold night the night before. Since installing the system the stuffiness has been alleviated and the condensation problem has been completely eliminated. Finally, my wife suffers from recurrent sinusitis but her symptoms have improved significantly since installing the ProAir system. We now find that when we awaken in the morning, we both feel very refreshed and the room feels very airy but yet is not cold. I would like to compliment Michael & Declan who I liaised with over the phone, Jarlath who explained the system and took the order and Alan who installed and commissioned it. Everyone was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. In summary, we are very happy with the system and have recommended it to others.


December 2020
Pro Air did install and test and commission of heat recovery in our new home.We moved in last friday Chris ,Mark and the lads at Pro Air are excellent for everything. Thanks very much lads really happy with the system..

R. Gleese Galway

November 2020
Very professional from start to finish, easy to work with and always available and willing to answer a technical question. The unit is very very quite, even on boost mode its hardly audible. And from my research I found it to be the most efficient on the market also, and its manufactured here in Ireland. For the self builder I found Proair very good to work with, they were flexible with the scope of works and the price reflected this. They furnished me with detailed drawings and all the ducting needed. I self installed the ducting under their guidance, they installed the unit and commissioned at the end, this suited my requirements perfectly.

E. Butler

October 2019
I just want to let you know that both the M+E subcontractor and the main contractor on the project said that it was a pleasure to work with Declan/ your company and that they would have no hesitation in recommending you for the future.

S.Blaney Galway

September 2019
Thanks for the service provided and many thanks to Ronan and Matthew, would have no hesitation in recommending ProAir as both the product and support are excellent.

M. Keegan Malahide, Dublin

September 2019
Hi Guys, I just wanted to send a thank you to Breda and you guys. You have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. You are professional, customer focused and importantly always answer the phone with a nice greeting(this is a particular bug bear of mine). We recently got the attic done and the engineer onsite conducted a service on the pro air system and ensured it was working to it’s best. The benefits to our home are amazing and we really see it in the cleanliness of the air within the house and on the other side when replacing the filters! As a particular note Breda is just great and takes the time to listen to any issues I have, I look forward to continue to talk with her in the future.


March 2018
ProAir installed a system in our house in 2008 and never had a days problem with it! Air is always fresh and the knock on affect is, healthier environment to live in.


May 2021
Installed a full MHRV system in our house we were renovating. Found them very competitively priced and very easy to deal with on technical issues. Highly recommend.


April 2021
Very good company to deal with and very good communication with a few queries after we moved in. Definitely recommend without hesitation.

S. Donohue Galway

February 2021
We have been very satisfied with our Pro Air HRV system. The system provides a regulated fresh air throughout our home. The system is running continually in the background unknown to us, and the functionality to boost the system when using wet rooms, cooking etc is very effective.

M. Connolly Clare

December 2020
I had a HRV system installed about a year ago, by ProAir in Galway and I was very pleased with the results. Many rooms that were continually damp with a smell of mould, began to smell fresh and clean. However about 2 months ago, we had building work done in the bathroom. We noticed that the ProAir system didn't seem to be performing well at all. When we opened up the Heat Recovery Unit, the Extract Filter was completely "gummed up". It's really important to keep an eye on your filters and make sure they're in good condition. .

S.Carr Westmeath

October 2020
I contacted pro air for advice and pricing for my self build. The customer service was brilliant and every staff member I encountered was very helpfully explaining the system and answering my queries. The staff who called to site were efficient and professional and called as per the agreed times. I have already recommended Proair to a friend and would have no hesitation in recommending their services in the future.

T. Horan, Galway

September 2020
We had terrible condensation problems in our house as it is well insulated and there are no vents. There was condensation on the inside of all the windows every morning leading to a significant amount of dampness and black mould all over the house. The condensation problems were significantly worse during the winter months. We decided to have a heat recovery ventilation system Installed and we contacted ProAir. From start to finish the advice and service we received was second to none. The team were extremely professional and efficient. The system was installed with minimal interruption on a very timely manner. The outcome has been fantastic. No more condensation or black mould! The system is not noisy and is extremely easy to use. I would be extremely happy to recommend ProAir .

B McCarthy Malahide, Dublin

August 2019
Very happy with my ProAir ventilation system. The system settings had to be changed due to the hot weather so Breda and Shane talked me through step by step on how to correct. They were extremely helpful. Superb customer service.

E. Bolster

February 2019
I have this in my house with 9 years and I just love it. Do not build a house with out it.

G. OC Rathfarnham

October 2017
I am very happy with my ProAir ventilation system, which I have installed since 2009. It works very well and I make sure to change the filters every year as recommended. It was a good investment.

M.K. Co. Sligo

September 2017
As part of a deep retrofit of a 1950s bungalow in coastal Sligo, we fitted the ProAir Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System. We were so happy to have a warm, fresh air filled home in time for the arrival of our daughter, knowing what a healthy physical environment our home now provided. Annual chest infections have never recurred since living in this environment. Even on days when the weather would prevent us from opening a window, our home is filled with a constant supply of fresh air. In addition, our under floor heating system rarely turns on as the MHRV system seems to work so well with the passive features of the house, to provide a constant approximate 20 degrees throughout the house. The entire ProAir team, from John to his team of fitters, were amongst the most personable and helpful people I have come across. Good humoured and highly skilled, their service falls nothing short of excellent. The maintenance of this system is so simple, only requiring the changing of filters every twelve months. We are very happy to recommend both the product and the team behind it!

J.K. Co. Dublin

August 2017
We had the ProAir HRV system installed in our house during a major renovation 2 years ago. We had purchased the house a year earlier. It is a 3,000 square feet house in the countryside. It used to suffer from dampness, particularly in the rooms located on the northern side of the house. We also used to get a lot of insects in the house as windows had to be kept open during the day. The HRV system has completely removed both problems. The house feels fresh at all times and is insect-free as we no longer open the windows. I found out about HRV systems from a friend, well into the renovation. When I first phoned ProAir we were under pressure to start decorating, so had very little time to run the air ducts in the walls and ceilings. ProAir were very accommodating and professional throughout, which enabled us to have their system installed without holding up the rest of the renovation project.

C.C. Galway City

June 2017
Our home was a total renovation project last year on a 1960s built house in the city centre. As part of the refurbishment works we decided to include the installation of a HRV system. Having extensively researched the market we opted for ProAir. Their vast knowledge, excellent customer service and quality of materials used made the decision easy for us. Furthermore ProAir made the installation of their HRV system quick and easy despite it being a retrofit project. Since installation its benefits have been noticed throughout the whole house. It is discreet, silent, and draught free whilst maintaining a steady flow of heated fresh air entering our living spaces. There is no need to open windows. There are no damp spots and smells don’t linger after cooking. We would highly recommend ProAir.

K.B. Co. Offaly

May 2017
My house was a self build and not knowing much about ventilation systems I was apprehensive about the whole thing. From my first contact with John I had my mind made up that I would be going with ProAir. The system was installed and has been running for the past 5 years with no issues what so ever. Fresh air is constantly being pumped into every room, this is important for me. The ProAir system is very efficient and does exactly what it said it would do. I found them very good value, helpful and easy to deal with.

M.K. Co. Cavan

May 2017
I’m very happy with my ProAir HRV system. It is working very well and I know that first hand as I learned a lot about moisture/humidity and condensating water in a house but your system once commissioned properly by the lads does a serious job. We moved in on the 7th Oct last and I haven’t seen a bead of condensation inside the house since it was commissioned on 22nd December, I saw a fair bit of it before that!

D.D. Partry, Co. Mayo

September 2016
We built a new house in 2014. On the recommendation of our plumber at the time of our build, we installed the ProAir Heat Recovery System, and from the moment we moved in, we have been delighted with its proficiency. Fresh air is constantly being drawn into all the rooms within the house, providing continuous ventilation even when we are gone to work during the day. As a result the air feels fresher within the house 24 hours a day. Even when the windows are closed for security when no one is within the house, there is still a constant supply of fresh air circulating throughout the house. In addition, the provision of a booster switch allows air within the bathroom to be extracted faster to help clear the bathroom of steam after someone takes a shower. ProAir filters only need to be changed once a year, and the company are such a pleasure to deal with and are very helpful anytime we have contacted them to order our new filters. All in all, we highly recommend the ProAir Heat Recovery System for any home. West Cork

August 2016
I have a Proair system now for more than 8 years and cannot fault it. It does what it says on the tin and I read that they have received PH certification now. As others have said, design / installation / commissioning / maintenance are critical to success. West Cork

August 2016
I have a Proair system now for more than 8 years and cannot fault it. It does what it says on the tin and I read that they have received PH certification now. As others have said, design / installation / commissioning / maintenance are critical to success. West Cork

August 2016
I have a Proair system now for more than 8 years and cannot fault it. It does what it says on the tin and I read that they have received PH certification now. As others have said, design / installation / commissioning / maintenance are critical to success.

L&S. M., Co. Galway

July 2016
We have had a ProAir system for the past 8 years in our home. We have found the system to be invaluable. We have never regretted having it installed. Dealing with ProAir from installation to a recent repair has been a pleasure. Declan and John were unfailingly helpful and quick to respond to our call. A real company with real people.

R. M., Co. Tipperary

June 2016
From the initial call to ProAir to dealing with design, installation, operation and servicing, I must say it has been the most pleasant relationship that I have had with a company in Ireland. From the first day of operation we no longer suffered from condensation, damp black patches or odours. It was like magic. Even the kids commented about how fresh the house was. High praise, yet all deserved. Thanks again for transforming our house.

M. F, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo

May 2016
We had a ProAir system installed in our house approximately 8 years ago. It was money well spent. We had a lot of condensation especially on windows and dampness in wardrobes. This system totally eliminated these problems. It also gets rid of smells and odours from cooking etc. by using the booster switch. I would definitely recommend this ventilation system.

T. K., Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo

March 2016
We built our house in 2014 and when it came to looking for a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system ProAir came highly recommended from a number of friends within the construction industry. From the first contact with the guys in the office to the commissioning of the system by the installation team the service was extremely professional, knowledgable and competent. As a member of our family has a compromised immune system due to a complex medical condition air quality within our home is a very important issue. The ProAir system has had a dramatic effect on reducing instances of respiratory infection in our child and in our opinion is a must for anyone who suffers from chronic respiratory illness or repeat respiratory infections. The benefits of the ProAir mhrv system are multiple, it economically provides excellent air quality and a comfortable balanced internal climate that benefits a healthy family environment. Of all the systems we installed in our home the ProAir mhrv system is the one we could not do with out.

U. M., Barna, Co. Galway

February 2016
We have been using ProAir HRV systems in our house for five years now. Having extensively researched the various options on the market, we selected ProAir for our new build, and the units have proven themselves to be reliable and efficient. The benefits of mechanical HRV to aid any domestic heating system are immeasurable. Apart from the efficiency gains in terms of maintaining any heat built up in the building, the ProAir system has greatly assisted in ensuring the building is always comfortable and fresh. I would not hesitate to recommend a ProAir installation.

J. H., Midleton, Co. Cork

December 2015
I fitted the ProAir system in my house and I find it a very effective way of keeping fresh air circulating without opening windows, creating draughts or allowing dust or insects into the house. I would have no hesitation in recommending ProAir Systems.

S&M.N., Kilconnell, Co. Galway

June 2015
We moved into our house in Dec 2013. Without hesitation we would recommend the ProAir system. The air is always fresh in the house, even after returning from an extended break away. Cooking smells don’t linger and most importantly for me there are no draughts created by the system. My husband who is prone to sinus headaches, finds a great improvement. Mildew, which was an issue in our old house simply does not occur. During rare hot summer days you can simply turn the system off and open your windows and doors as you wish.

D.M, Tuam, Co. Galway

May 2015
Installed the ProAir HRV system in our new house, it was a quick and easy installation once we had our first floor and roof joists in place. It was installed (first fix) in a matter of days and did not interfere with any other building work. Since we have moved in we have had no issues with the system at all only having to replace the filters (once a year), which can be done in a matter of minutes by myself. Big thumbs up and thanks again to ProAir for the great product.

L.M, Co. Galway

May 2015
I think this heat recovery is a great system and it is for three reasons. Firstly, our home is just so fresh compared to our our previous home. Secondly, it is great to have a shower and shave without fogged up mirrors. Finally, because this is a renovated house, there was one room that I decided to leave out as it was too difficult to get to with duct. This room is the one room in the house that is noticeably not fresh.

C.N.G, Co. Roscommon

April 2015
Installed the ProAir HRV system in our new house, it was a quick and easy installation once we had our first floor and roof joists in place. It was installed (first fix) in a matter of days and did not interfere with any other building work. Since we have moved in we have had no issues with the system at all only having to replace the filters (once a year), which can be done in a matter of minutes by myself. Big thumbs up and thanks again to ProAir for the great product.
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