**Updated guidelines for installation teams and customer safety

30/03/2020, our offices are now closed in line with government guidelines, you can still send in plans or drawings and our phone lines are still operating as normal

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe. David, Mary and all the the ProAir Team**

As a company, we are very conscious of the national and global health emergency being currently witnessed. To help protect the health of our direct employees, our sub-contracted labour and the wider community, we have adopted the following policy, while working on construction sites.

  • Where possible, arrange for sole access to the site for the duration of our part of the project
  • Ensure hand washing facilities are available on site before commencing
  • Wear PPE appropriate to the work being done
  • Avoid the interchanging of tools
  • Use disinfectant wipes on surfaces touched where appropriate.
  • Adopt a working strategy which facilitates distancing
  • Where more than one person is required for the job, separate modes of transport will be required

In all cases, staff should operate as if they were carrying the virus and wish to avoid transmitting it to others.

David McHugh

Managing Director



With the current world wide pandemic that we are currently experiencing, we have adapted like everyone else how we conduct our everyday business and procedures.

Our offices are remaining open on a minimised staff level. Fortunately, we have a robust IT system in place, so our internal staff are able to work from home with no disruptions to phone lines or communication with you.

We will be continuing with installations and service calls for the time being. Before booking your service or install please let us know if any of the below apply:

  • Have you, a cohabitant or family member been in contact with anyone suspected of diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • Have you, a cohabitant or family member attended a medical facility in the past 14 days?
  • Have you, a cohabitant or family member experienced any of the symptoms outlined by the HSE?
  • Are you, a cohabitant or family member considered part of the at-risk community?

While we endeavour to meet your needs, the health and well being is most important for our customers, staff and families.

If the installation or service is going as planned please adhere strictly to the below guidelines:

  • All staff and personnel maintain a 3-meter distance from our teams
  • Shaking hands and physical contact to be avoided
  • Our staff will minimise the amount of rooms they need to enter for install and service.

Please follow for updates

At this time, we want our staff, customers and families to adhere to the guidelines and keep ourselves and each other safe.


David, Mary and all the ProAir Team


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