ProAir announces Environmental Product Declarations, leading the way for responsible manufacturing in ventilation.

ProAir is delighted to be part of the global community committed to action for more sustainable built environments and as this is ‘World Green Building Week’ (12-16 Sept), we can announce that ProAir is the first company in Ireland to have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for ventilation systems verified and published under the EPD Ireland programme.

An EPD is a document that lays out the environmental performance of a construction product though its life cycle. Following a rigorous Life Cycle Assessment, ProAir can demonstrate the environmental impact of the PROAIR 600LI, ProAir 600PLI and the ProAir FRPRO ventilation units, including all life cycle stages in their “cradle to grave” EPD and is transparent about the environmental impact of the products.

David McHugh, CEO of ProAir said “We are constantly adapting to deliver a more sustainable future for our families and the communities in which we live and work and ProAir has made a commitment to responsible manufacturing by achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, minimising the impact of our business operations.
Since 1995 we have been developing ventilation systems improving the indoor environment for people by improving indoor air quality, which in turn improves health, comfort and productivity. As Ireland’s only manufacturer of ventilation systems, we have led the way in Research & Development and we are proud to continue this trend by being the first Company in Ireland to publish an EPD for ventilation systems.”

Sustainable construction trends have driven the demand for environmental product declarations (EPDs) for building products. EPDs allow construction professionals to compare the environmental impact of different products and make informed decisions about which to choose for their building project.

The EPD Ireland programme, developed by the Irish Green Building Council, allows manufacturers of construction products to provide 3rd party verified transparent information on the environmental impacts of their products. It provides a platform for specifiers to source products with Environmental Product Declarations and other information such as responsible procurement or declaration of healthy ingredients.

ProAir’s Environmental Product Declarations for ventilation systems are published under EPD Ireland and registered at In Europe, the digital data included in EPD will soon be available to use on ECO Portal, and in Building LCA tools such as One Click LCA and EC3.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and EPDs were carried out by Peter Seymour, LCA consultant with EcoReview Ireland, an international environmental consultancy, specialising in the construction, manufacturing and food sectors.

Download the EPDs



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