How Spring Cleaning Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

It’s officially spring! Spring cleaning can help improve the air quality in your home.  Spring cleaning is not only about tidying up your living space but also about improving the overall environment and air quality within your home. Here are some ways spring cleaning can contribute to better air quality:

Dust and Debris Removal:

Dust and debris can accumulate over the winter months, especially in areas that aren’t frequently cleaned. Removing dust from surfaces, vacuuming carpets and rugs, and sweeping floors can help reduce airborne particles that can affect air quality.


Clutter can trap dust and impede airflow, leading to poor air quality. Removing unnecessary items from your living space can help improve air circulation and reduce the accumulation of dust and allergens.

Natural Cleaning Products:

Household cleansers and disinfectants are one of the sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Opt for environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products to avoid introducing harmful chemicals into your home environment. Harsh chemicals found in some cleaning products can contribute to indoor air pollution.

Washing Fabrics:

Wash bedding, curtains, and other fabric materials regularly to remove dust mites, pollen, and other allergens. Using hot water and a high-quality detergent can effectively eliminate these contaminants.

Keep Pets Clean:

Bathe and groom pets and pet beds regularly to reduce the amount of pet dander and fur circulating in the air.

Ventilation System:

Maintain your ProAir MVHR system by changing the filters at least annually, make it a habit during your spring cleaning. This will ensure that the system continues to effectively remove airborne pollutants from your indoor environment, as well as helping to keep the system in good working order.

By implementing these spring cleaning practices, you can help improve the air quality in your home, creating a healthier, more comfortable and enjoyable living space for you and your family.


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