The ProAir product range has been tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the UK. This test is primarily an assessment of the energy efficiency of the unit, but is also rigorous in its treatment of other aspects of H.R.V.  The heat exchanger efficiency and the motor efficiency (specific fan power – SFP) have been verified by these tests. The results are posted in their online database which acts as Appendix Q of the SAP and DEAP systems. This is listed on the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB). These tests have been done in accordance with the EN 13141-07 Standard which is rigorous in its treatment of other aspects of HRV as well as energy efficiency.  See results listing here. 

ProAir received Passive House accreditation for its ProAir 600PLI.

ProAir is the first company in Ireland to have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for ventilation systems verified and published under the EPD Ireland programme. An EPD is a document that lays out the environmental performance of a construction product though its life cycle. Following a rigorous Life Cycle Assessment, ProAir can demonstrate the environmental impact of the PROAIR 600LI, ProAir 600PLI and the ProAir FRPRO ventilation units, including all life cycle stages in their “cradle to grave” EPD and is transparent about the environmental impact of the products.