Installation of MVHR

Installation of MVHR

In a new-build or deep-renovate, installation of our heat recovery ventilation system is a relatively simple process, especially for our highly trained and experienced installation teams.

The air handling unit is best located within the thermal envelope of the house such as in the utility room. Rigid ducting runs from the unit location via distribution boxes through the walls, floors/ceilings to points in each room where air is either supplied or extracted.

All rooms are served with either extract or supply and the locations of these air-terminals are selected with some care. Extract points are generally located close to sources of moisture, like showers and cookers. The correct design of supply points is crucial to the effectiveness of the system and contributes to the comfort of the occupants. As air from a Heat Recovery Ventilation system is at a temperature just below that of the house (typically 18 to 20°C) it can feel cool as your body temperature is at around 37°C and for this reason, the air distribution design is important. Typically supply valves should not be positioned directly above locations where people are sitting or sleeping.

When you walk into your newly finished home, the only evidence of the system will be a small ceiling disc in the ceiling or at high-wall level in each room and a fresh living atmosphere.

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