Maintenance Information

Maintaining your MVHR system

In order for the heat recovery ventilation system to work correctly and effectively, it is important that approved maintenance procedures are followed. Full details are given the ProAir manual supplied upon installation. We recommend that the filters are checked every 3-4 months. An important aspect of maintaining your system is filter replacement. We advise replacing the filters at least once a year, however, the frequency can depend on the following:

  • Your geographical location
  • The number of people in the house
  • System usage

Changing the filters is straightforward and does not require the use of tools.  The system is designed so that they are easily accessed. Full instructions are available in your user manual or please visit our Youtube Channel for our helpful video guides.  If you require a manual please contact us, email: ProAir MVHR units should be serviced by one of our experienced service team every 3 years, this will ensure the longevity of the units, as well as ensuring low running costs and clean, fresh air 24/7.

Warranty We provide a 3 year warranty provided that recommended maintenance has been adhered to. This warranty starts from the day of commissioning . The first 2 years include parts and labour with the final year covering parts only (excluding filters).

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