Retrofit Information

Retrofit Information

A ProAir Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system can be installed into an existing house. When improving insulation levels or doing other improvement works would be a particularly good time to consider installation of an MVHR system. If major renovations are being carried out the job is nearly the same as a new build. It is generally possible to get the required airtightness level and it is also likely that the insulation will be improved as part of this work. If only minor work is being done and a good level of air tightness exists or will be achieved a ProAir system can be installed if access can be provided to all the ceilings in the house.

In many houses condensation increases after having the walls and loft insulated. Condensation will occur on a surface which is cold relative to the surrounding air. It can be avoided by extra heating and ventilating the house well. Solving condensation problems requires a three pronged approach:

  1. Reducing cold surfaces by insulation
  2. Heating the space
  3. Ventilating well

Examples of a retrofitted ProAir System

See more on Condensation. Sometimes air quality depreciates after insulating a house. This can be a result of gaps around windows, doors etc. being closed in and the air tightness level of the house improving. The volume of air coming into the house has been reduced and therefore stale air is now more prevalent inside. A ventilation system is required to solve the problem.

If the house is single storey (bungalow) access to all the ceilings can be generally easily arranged. In a two storey serving the first floor is similar to the situation in a single storey. Access to the ground floor ceilings may be difficult. It may be possible to run ducts directly from the loft area through wardrobes, presses etc on the first floor through to the ground floor rooms as shown in the images above. Boxing in of ducts on the first floor is another option. If it is a dormer access to the ground floor rooms maybe possible from the side lofts, storage areas etc.

Providing a system to do the top storey of a house maybe an option where it is not possible to get down to the ground floor ceilings. This would improve the ventilation on the first floor. However just getting one extract and one supply downstairs would increase ventilation and improve heat efficiency in the house as a whole.

The benefits of installing a ProAir system are;

  • Fresh air supplied and stale air extracted 24/7
  • Relative humidity reduced
  • Possibility of condensation and mould reduced
  • Lower heating costs
  • Healthier and more comfortable house.
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