ProAir  will ensure that all installations satisfactorily meet the design standards specified in Technical Guidance Document (TGD) Part F. This will result in adequate ventilation whilst minimizing energy use and environmental problems such as noise and thermal discomfort.

Commissioning describes getting a system up and running and adjusted to meet design values. This ensures that the correct volume of air is supplied / extracted from each room. Measured values are compared with their respective design values. Compliance with the design will be met if the measured rates for each are equal to the design value. If any measured value is less than the design value, adjustments are made and all air flows re-measured until they meet the design values. This may have to be done two or three times.

Air flow measurements are made using a calibrated airflow device with a hood attachment. The end results are recorded in litres per second (l/s). When the system has been designed with the right size ducting and installed correctly the commissioning process will ensure the system works as it should.

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