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ProAir Systems provide a range of Design Services for Homeowners and Construction Professionals.

We work towards ensuring a detailed and well-designed Heat Recovery Ventilation strategy is integrated into your project.  A well-designed Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system will complement your air tightness and insulation efforts.

Proper design of a Heat Recovery Ventilation system is very important. The overall objective is to deliver the right amounts of fresh air to the building and ensure that it is compliant will all building regulations.


Features Summary

When installed and commissioned the system must be quiet, unobtrusive and improve the comfort level of the house. Among the design considerations the following have to be addressed:

  • Your Geographical Location
  • House size (volume)
  • Number of occupants
  • Duct type
  • Duct layout
  • Air speed and pressure in ducts
  • Air volumes for each room
  • Unit type
  • Unit location
  • Supply and extract air points
  • Air terminal locations
  • Prevention of noise transfer between rooms

ProAir is very experienced in all aspects of design and can provide design services to homeowners and designers alike.

If you are finding it problematic to incorporate a fully integrated Heat Recovery Ventilation System into your design you may wish to avail of our design service. Simply e-mail us the full drawings and we will design and draw the full Heat Recovery Ventilation layout, including duct sizing, routes and suggestions.

Download an example of our design service layout here.

  • We have HRV in our block-built house. Installed by Proair of Galway. Very professional and thorough job, highly recommended. Cost was c. 8k, but we have two units due to the size of the house. Been in constant operation since October, no issues so far. Complexity? Turn it on and leave it. When you have a shower/bath press boost. That’s it.

    Ask About Money 01/08
  • We also got ours from ProAir and are very happy with it. We were strapped for extra cash, but our geo-therm. guys recommended the MHRV as a way of making the whole system more efficient. No condensation is a great thing. Your house will be healthier overall.

    Ask About Money 02/08
  • Very happy with my ProAir Ventilation System. They system settings had to be changed to due the hot weather so Breda and Shane talked me through step by step on how to correct. They were extremely helpful. Superb customer service.

    BMcC, Malahide, Dublin, August 2019
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