MVHR systems are designed to run  24 / 7 for the entire lifespan of the unit. With proper care and maintenance, the units should have a very long lifespan, some of the original ProAir units installed are still running in the homes of happy customers.

All ProAir Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems should be serviced approximately every 3 years. This service involves cleaning the interior of the unit and heat exchanger, changing of the filters, as well as re-balancing of the system to ensure it is delivering the right amount of fresh air to your home, with any software upgrades also included.

ProAir offers a standard 3-year warranty on all of our systems starting from the day of commissioning. It includes parts and labour for the first 2 years and the remaining 1 year covers parts only, this does not include filters. Replacement filters should be purchased after year one and can be ordered from the ProAir shop or call 091 739 442. The warranty is conditional on planned maintenance being undertaken as mentioned.

Maintenance between services is quite simple and straightforward for the homeowner. Filters should be checked every 6 months or so and replaced at least annually. The frequency of the change is dependent on usage and location. If the amount of dust is deemed excessive at the six-month check, the filter can be tapped on a solid surface or be lightly vacuumed. These actions are not recommended on a continuous basis as the seals attaching the media to the cardboard may be broken and allow dust to bypass the filter.

Keeping filters changed  annually will ensure that the air moves as freely as possible and that there will be minimal pressure on the fans, leading to longer lifespans. This will also allow your system to operate at its optimum efficiency and guarantee the cleanest possible air is being supplied to you home.

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