Review #55   G. OC Rathfarnham (October 2017)

“ I am very happy with my ProAir ventilation system, which I have installed since 2009. It works very well and I make sure to change the filters every year as recommended. It was a good investment.“

Review #54   M.K. Co. Sligo (September 2017)

“ As part of a deep retrofit of a 1950s bungalow in coastal Sligo, we fitted the ProAir Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System. We were so happy to have a warm, fresh air filled home in time for the arrival of our daughter, knowing what a healthy physical environment our home now provided. Annual chest infections have never recurred since living in this environment. Even on days when the weather would prevent us from opening a window, our home is filled with a constant supply of fresh air. In addition, our under floor heating system rarely turns on as the MHRV system seems to work so well with the passive features of the house, to provide a constant approximate 20 degrees throughout the house.

The entire ProAir team, from John to his team of fitters, were amongst the most personable and helpful people I have come across. Good humoured and highly skilled, their service falls nothing short of excellent. The maintenance of this system is so simple, only requiring the changing of filters every twelve months. We are very happy to recommend both the product and the team behind it!“

Review #53   J.K. Co. Dublin (August 2017)

“ We had the ProAir HRV system installed in our house during a major renovation 2 years ago. We had purchased the house a year earlier. It is a 3,000 square feet house in the countryside. It used to suffer from dampness, particularly in the rooms located on the northern side of the house. We also used to get a lot of insects in the house as windows had to be kept open during the day. The HRV system has completely removed both problems. The house feels fresh at all times and is insect-free as we no longer open the windows.

I found out about HRV systems from a friend, well into the renovation. When I first phoned ProAir we were under pressure to start decorating, so had very little time to run the air ducts in the walls and ceilings. ProAir were very accommodating and professional throughout, which enabled us to have their system installed without holding up the rest of the renovation project.“

Review #52   C.C. Galway City (June 2017)

“ Our home was a total renovation project last year on a 1960s built house in the city centre. As part of the refurbishment works we decided to include the installation of a HRV system. Having extensively researched the market we opted for ProAir. Their vast knowledge, excellent customer service and quality of materials used made the decision easy for us. Furthermore ProAir made the installation of their HRV system quick and easy despite it being a retrofit project.

Since installation its benefits have been noticed throughout the whole house. It is discreet, silent, and draught free whilst maintaining a steady flow of heated fresh air entering our living spaces. There is no need to open windows. There are no damp spots and smells don’t linger after cooking. We would highly recommend ProAir.“

Review #51   K.B. Co. Offaly (May 2017)

“ My house was a self build and not knowing much about ventilation systems I was apprehensive about the whole thing. From my first contact with John I had my mind made up that I would be going with ProAir. The system was installed and has been running for the past 5 years with no issues what so ever. Fresh air is constantly being pumped into every room, this is important for me. The ProAir system is very efficient and does exactly what it said it would do. I found them very good value, helpful and easy to deal with.“

Review #50   M.K. Co. Cavan (May 2017)

“ I’m very happy with my ProAir HRV system. It is working very well and I know that first hand as I learned a lot about moisture/humidity and condensating water in a house but your system once commissioned properly by the lads does a serious job. We moved in on the 7th Oct last and I haven’t seen a bead of condensation inside the house since it was commissioned on 22nd December, I saw a fair bit of it before that!.“

Review #49  D.D. Partry, Claremorris, Co. Mayo (September 2016)

“We built a new house in 2014. On the recommendation of our plumber at the time of our build, we installed the ProAir Heat Recovery System, and from the moment we moved in, we have been delighted with its proficiency. Fresh air is constantly being drawn into all the rooms within the house, providing continuous ventilation even when we are gone to work during the day. As a result the air feels fresher within the house 24 hours a day

Even when the windows are closed for security when no one is within the house, there is still a constant supply of fresh air circulating throughout the house. In addition, the provision of a booster switch allows air within the bathroom to be extracted faster to help clear the bathroom of steam after someone takes a shower.

ProAir filters only need to be changed once a year, and the company are such a pleasure to deal with and are very helpful anytime we have contacted them to order our new filters. All in all, we highly recommend the ProAir Heat Recovery System for any home.“

Review #48 West Cork (August 2016)

“I have a Proair system now for more than 8 years and cannot fault it. It does what it says on the tin and I read that they have received PH certification now. As others have said, design / installation / commissioning / maintenance are critical to success.“

Review #47  L&S. M., Connemara, Co. Galway (July 2016)

“We have had a ProAir system for the past 8 years in our home. We have found the system to be invaluable. We have never regretted having it installed. Dealing with ProAir from installation to a recent repair has been a pleasure. Declan and John were unfailingly helpful and quick to respond to our call. A real company with real people.“

Review #46  R. M., Portroe, Co. Tipperary (June 2016)

“From the initial call to ProAir to dealing with design, installation, operation and servicing, I must say it has been the most pleasant relationship that I have had with a company in Ireland.

From the first day of operation we no longer suffered from condensation, damp black patches or odours. It was like magic. Even the kids commented about how fresh the house was. High praise, yet all deserved. Thanks again for transforming our house.“

Review #45  M. F, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo (May 2016)

“We had a ProAir system installed in our house approximately 8 years ago. It was money well spent. We had a lot of condensation especially on windows and dampness in wardrobes. This system totally eliminated these problems. It also gets rid of smells and odours from cooking etc. by using the booster switch. I would definitely recommend this ventilation system.”

Review #44  T. K., Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo (March 2016)

“We built our house in 2014 and when it came to looking for a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system ProAir came highly recommended from a number of friends within the construction industry. From the first contact with the guys in the office to the commissioning of the system by the installation team the service was extremely professional, knowledgable and competent. As a member of our family has a compromised immune system due to a complex medical condition air quality within our home is a very important issue. The ProAir system has had a dramatic effect on reducing instances of respiratory infection in our child and in our opinion is a must for anyone who suffers from chronic respiratory illness or repeat respiratory infections. The benefits of the ProAir mhrv system are multiple, it economically provides excellent air quality and a comfortable balanced internal climate that benefits a healthy family environment. Of all the systems we installed in our home the ProAir mhrv system is the one we could not do with out.”

Review #43  U. M., Barna, Co. Galway (February 2016)

“We have been using ProAir HRV systems in our house for five years now. Having extensively researched the various options on the market, we selected ProAir for our new build, and the units have proven themselves to be reliable and efficient. The benefits of mechanical HRV to aid any domestic heating system are immeasurable. Apart from the efficiency gains in terms of maintaining any heat built up in the building, the ProAir system has greatly assisted in ensuring the building is always comfortable and fresh. I would not hesitate to recommend a ProAir installation.”

Review #42 – J. H., Midleton, Co. Cork (December 2015)

“I fitted the ProAir system in my house and I find it a very effective way of keeping fresh air circulating without opening windows, creating draughts or allowing dust or insects into the house. I would have no hesitation in recommending ProAir Systems.”

Review #41 – S&M.N., Kilconnell, Co. Galway (June 2015)

“We moved into our house in Dec 2013. Without hesitation we would recommend the ProAir system. The air is always fresh in the house, even after returning from an extended break away. Cooking smells don’t linger and most importantly for me there are no draughts created by the system. My husband who is prone to sinus headaches, finds a great improvement. Mildew, which was an issue in our old house simply does not occur. During rare hot summer days you can simply turn the system off and open your windows and doors as you wish.”

Review #40 – D.M, Tuam, Co. Galway (May 2015)

“Installed the ProAir HRV system in our new house, it was a quick and easy installation once we had our first floor and roof joists in place. It was installed (first fix) in a matter of days and did not interfere with any other building work. Since we have moved in we have had no issues with the system at all only having to replace the filters (once a year), which can be done in a matter of minutes by myself. Big thumbs up and thanks again to ProAir for the great product.”

Review #39 –  L.M, Co. Galway  (May 2015)

“I think this heat recovery is a great system and it is for three reasons. Firstly, our home is just so fresh compared to our our previous home. Secondly, it is great to have a shower and shave without fogged up mirrors. Finally, because this is a renovated house, there was one room that I decided to leave out as it was too difficult to get to with duct. This room is the one room in the house that is noticeably not fresh.”

Review #38 –  C.N.G, Co. Roscommon  (April 2015)

“Installing ProAir Heat Recovery Systems was the best investment we’ve made in our home renovation. Combined with the external wall insulation and triple glazed windows, we are able to retain a near 23C right up to the evening of the next day with just an hour of oil or a bucket of coal in winter.  We love how ProAir Heat Recovery System recycles the heat generated through cooking, laundry, and shower, and gives us fresh clean warm air in return.  We especially like the simplicity and uncomplicated operating system that ProAir Heat Recovery Systems adopts, our system runs on a trickle mode 24×7, we only have to press a booster button once after shower or heavy cooking. Our business dealing with ProAir Systems was most delightful; John was very efficient in responding to our enquiry, listening to our needs, and addressing our questions/concerns clearly.  The installation Engineer, was the best tradesman we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with; honest, extremely knowledgeable, and meticulous to a point. Our ProAir Heat Recovery System was installed perfectly. We would recommend ProAir Systems.”

Review #37 – P.C,  Co. Cork  (August 2014)

“We recently upgraded our bungalow and installed a ProAir 600 Heat Recovery Ventilation System. We regard this installation as one of the top 3 improvements carried out in the major upgrade to our home which included an extension, new heating, plumbing, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, security systems, external works, kitchen, bathrooms etc. Apart from the heat recovery aspect we find that the air quality, with continuous filtered and heated fresh air make up into all rooms, is superb – so much so that we have to constantly remind visitors not to open the windows in the bedrooms. The system is left on 24/7 and has even cooled south facing rooms during the recent very hot weather.”

Review #36 – H.W,  Ahascragh, Co. Galway (July 2014)
“I bought a heat recovery ventilation system from ProAir back in January 2014. The house is an old stone cottage, which suffered from condensation on a cold winters day. The cottage is in east Galway and on a personal note I have noticed a marked difference in the comfort level. The cottage now remains warm, but most importantly there is no condensation or a smell associated with condensation.

I would have no hesitation in recommending ProAir. They were professional from my initial inquiry, to site inspection and finally the installation.”

Review #35 – R.R,  Co. Longford (June 2014)

“Delighted with the professional job that ProAir did. It has provided us with a fresher and healthier atmosphere in our home. Well worth the money.”

Review #34 – P.O’D, Roundstone, Co. Galway (May 2014)

“Just a short note to say how happy we are with our ProAir heat recovery system. Installation was fast and operation is simple. The temperature in our home rarely drops below 17 degrees but yet it is not stuffy. In addition to this our heating costs are low so we believe the system does exactly what it said it would!”

Review #33 – M.B, Co. Galway (March 2014)

“My 10-year-old house is on the west coast of Ireland, in the eye of the prevailing wind. Although it is carefully insulated, it was impossibly draughty until I retrofitted an air-tight membrane on the entire top half of the house and at the same time installed ProAir heat recovery ventilation. It was a messy, tricky job that required precise, detailed workmanship but it was well worthwhile in two ways: first, the house is now very easy to heat at minimal cost and second, every room has fresh air all the time, cutting right down on condensation, odours, and the incidence of infections. I got comprehensive advice and good after-sales service from ProAir.”

Review #32 – D.F, Co. Longford – November 2013

“I bought my new house in 2009. It was fitted with a Pro Air 300 Heat Recovery Ventilation System. I am extremely happy with it. It reduced my fuel bills. I check the filters regularly and change them each year. Most importantly it leaves the whole house with constant clean air and a very healthy environment.”

Review #31 – S.D, Co. Galway – August 2013

“We installed the ProAir heat recovery ventilation unit in our new house in 2007. I investigated a number of units and decided on ProAir based on the unit and pipe work used. The house is well ventilated without the need to open any windows ever!. We have no draughts and no need for other vents in any of the bathrooms. Even though the house is airtight, we never have any condensation problems. After showers, the bathroom window and mirror are dry within a matter of minutes. We also have the peace of mind that we will never have a build up of carbon dioxide due to the air being replaced in the whole house every few hours. I can honestly say that the two best investments in our house were the ProAir system and solar panels.”

Review #30 – G.C, Cummer, Tuam, Co. Galway (June 2013)

“David McHugh fitted a ProAir system in our house over 16 years ago. We were very pleased with the system as it offered a number of benefits, mainly clean fresh filtered air and a degree of control without having to open windows and deal with draughts. It has eliminated flies, no open windows equal no flies. Before we fitted the unit we had a small condensation problem in the bedrooms and sitting room. This vanished with the fitting of the unit. Recently we upgraded the air handling unit to the latest model. The new unit is more efficient with a lower running cost and a longer maintenance interval. I would recommend this unit to anyone”.

Review #29 – A.W, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway (May 2013)

“We installed a ProAir System in a child care facility which provides us to with continuous draught free fresh air. The extraction from the wet areas has prevented condensation while minimising the heat loss by heating the incoming air thus improving the overall energy rating of the dwelling. We also use the boost extraction at times in cooking and shower areas. Overall we are very pleased with the installation and operation of the system.”

Review #28 – D.D, Co. Mayo (December 2012)

“I installed ProAir 600 HRV myself in my self-built house a couple of years ago, and from the very beginning it was clear that it had been a great investment. ProAir ventilation, coupled up with Geo-thermal heating in the underfloor, and above standard insulation overall, form a very efficient and comprehensive energy solution, with very low running costs. I have set the ProAir ventilation system on a low setting (to run at about 30% of its potential). It constantly and gently distributes fresh air throughout the house resulting in even heat in the whole house, no condensation (not even in the bathroom or kitchen), no smells and generally plenty of fresh air without noticing any drafts. I would recommend ProAir Systems, and look forward to using them again in my next project.”

Review #27 – S.M, Co. Galway (November 2012)

“We used to live in a cold and damp house. So when we were building our new house we wanted it to be healthy and cosy. It didn’t make sense to us to insulate our house as well as possible and then put holes in the wall for ventilation. We contacted ProAir and got information but the HRV system sells itself. It means spending more money at the building stage but you start getting it back immediately in lower heating bills and constant clean air. Smells go away quickly, we don’t have condensation even in the bathroom or ensuite and clothes dry faster. Our unit is in the attic so we can’t hear it. We’ve had it over a year and it works well all year round. There are no flies in the house during the summer unless we leave a window open to invite them in. The staff at ProAir have been informative, helpful and efficient before, during and since the installation.”

Review #26 – B.Q, Loughrea, Co. Galway (August 2012)

“After quite some research (and educating my building engineer), I had ProAir’s HRV system installed in our new house in 2008. Our house is in a very exposed area and I wanted to avoid passive ventilation ruining the benefits of super-sized insulation. Indeed, all of my neighbours seem to have closed up their air vents. However, I found the benefits were far more than lower heating costs and no draughts. The comfort of having the system is the most obvious benefit – the heat distribution is very even, and the air in the house always has a clean, dry feel to it. In addition, the air movement means that cooking and other smells don’t spread through the house – even the smell of fried fish disappears from the kitchen quickly, and never drifts to the other rooms in the house. In the summer the system seems to work in reverse – the coolness on really hot days (not that we have many) seems to be retained inside the house. And my personal favourite feature is the absence of noisy extractor fans in the bathrooms – press the boost button and the system accelerates to clear the steam almost silently. It is only when I visit other houses and notice the mustiness in some rooms, cooking smells creeping through the house, noisy extractor fans, or the need to have windows open in bedrooms that I appreciate the ProAir system for the comfort that it brings. I always recommend it to anyone that I meet who is building or re-furbishing a house.”

Review #25 – F.B, Castlebar, Co. Mayo (October 2011)

“The ProAir team has provided an excellent product. The after sales service is irreproachable. The ProAir system is very efficient and eliminates mould problems in wet rooms. I highly recommend ProAir System.”

Review #24 – K.G, Galway City (September 2011)

“ProAir came highly recommended to us while we were tendering for the construction of our new build airtight timber frame home. We checked out other companies but it became apparent that in price and product, we would get the best Heat Recovery Ventilation system from ProAir. They were a pleasure to deal with and when construction began, ProAir were on site as soon as they were required. They walked us through the installation process, explaining everything we needed to know and helped to select the best locations for input and extraction points. The system is now fully operational and so far we haven’t even had to turn on the heating as the HRV maintains the temperature built up during the day, while also supplying fresh air.”

Review #23 – Damp Free Customer, Westport, Co. Mayo (August 2011)

“We live in an old farmhouse, modernised about 25 years ago which has always suffered with damp problems in 2 of the bedrooms. Three years ago we added a large extension and dry-lined the couple of rooms in the old house, thinking that this would solve our damp problems. Unfortunately this did not happen. Our only other option, we thought at the time, was to dig up the floors. But when we lifted the carpets to find the floor underneath bone-dry, we didn’t know what to do. Then a friend suggested a ProAir Heat Ventilation system might help. After a great meeting with a member of the team, we went ahead. Their service was efficient and the work was carried out quickly, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to us. Our house is fantastic now! It has a beautiful even temperature throughout and there has been no sign of any damp returning at all. We definitely feel it was money well spent.”

Review #22 – Griffin Bros Contractors Ltd., Castleisland, Co. Kerry (July 2011)

“We used the services of ProAir in the Hunters Wood development where they fitted Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems. We found ProAir to be professional installers with good technical back-up.”

Review #21 – Satisfied Customer, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway (July 2011)

“We built our house in 2005/06 and we installed a HRV system from ProAir. We contacted an existing ProAir customer who recommended the system based on his own positive experiences with ProAir. We installed the system to ensure better air quality as well as more efficient use of energy. I have been very happy with the quality of product, service and support from ProAir since. It is obvious to me that the ProAir team is deeply committed to HRV, Air Quality, Airtightness, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. This passion and experience translates into a top class company dedicated to ‘walking the walk’. “

Review #20 – Ann-Marie Fallon Certified Passive House Designer, Joseph Little Architects,  Co. Dublin (June 2011)

“Just a note to say I worked with your company on a low energy refurbishment of ours in 2011. I found the service and professional approach was very good. The clarity of inter-communication between ProAir and design team members left us very aware of where roles and responsibilities lay, in order for the project to run smoothly and efficiently. A holistic approach to low energy buildings is of paramount importance. A high level of air tightness and a good insulation strategy must be combined with a healthy approach to supplying a controlled volume of fresh air to buildings. This cannot be ignored. I would recommend approaching ProAir for a variety of healthy ventilation solutions.”

Review #19 – Happy Customer, Newbridge, Co Kildare (May 2011)

“I installed a ProAir system in my home about four years ago. I have found the system very helpful for a number of reasons,

  1. There is a big improvement in my heating bill as a result of its heat recovery system.
  2. Security, Because I don’t have to leave windows open due to continuous fresh air being pumped in 24/7.
  3. There are no bugs or creepy crawleys in my home because of the good filtration system.
  4. I have found the company very helpful, efficient, and true to their word with any queries I had afterwards.”

Review #18 – T.M, Co. Mayo (February 2011)

“David provided the best service possible to me when I hired him to provide and install my heat recovery ventilation system. I first met David at a “New Homes Exhibition” and found him to be personable and enjoyable company. This was supported by his deep knowledge of the product he displayed, and his passion for the technology he was proposing to use. His price was fair, he was punctual and diplomatic at all times. David is the type of contractor that I have no hesitation in recommending to any home-owner or builder. I found him to be trustworthy and a pleasure to have around.”

Review #17 – M.N, Williamstown, Co. Galway (February 2011)

“I have been using the ProAir heat recovery ventilation system in my house for the past two years. The system is very beneficial from a health point of view and saves energy costs. Fresh air is constantly supplied from the outside. The air is completely changed every two to three hours throughout the house. The system works quietly in the background. Servicing only takes a short time and is done by ProAir’s professional team on a yearly basis. I would definitely recommend this system to anybody thinking of building or renovating a house. It is very cost effective. It is a definite for all houses of the future.”

Review #16 – Askaboutmoney (January 2011)

“As with most things in life you have to do research on what you want. Have a look at websites etc. and then go to customers who have had installations done by these suppliers. ProAir Systems installed and commissioned mine. I am a happy customer.”

Review #15 – O.D, Co. Wicklow (January 2011)

“I have been using a ProAir system for over 3 years and have found the system to be very good. I would recommend ProAir Systems as a HRV system supplier.”

Review #14 – Terri Claffey Principal, Claregalway Educate Together N.S. (November 2010)

“This summer we added modular buildings to our school. They are fine spacious classrooms and have given our school the space we badly needed as our numbers grow. Our contractors Innovative Modular Buildings tried where possible to source supplies/services locally and work with local tradesmen. A ProAir Heat Recovery Ventilation system was fitted. ProAir have offices in the Corporate Park in Claregalway. We are delighted with the outcome. The air quality is excellent. We do not have any condensation in the new rooms as we still do in the main building. Further there is no dampness at all. A combination of excellent insulation and the action of the HRV Unit mean our heating bills are much lower than expected. We have linked the heating in the new modular building to our oil system. A couple of hours in the morning is all we set the timer for each day and the two new classrooms are very comfortable. They remain cosy all day and the air is fresh. This is particularly helpful when students suffer from asthma and other respiratory illnesses.”

Review #13 – M.K, Bray Co. Wicklow (September 2010)

“As part of a renovation and upgrade of a 1970’s hollow block home in Bray we installed the Pro-Air 600 system in 2009. The house had a BER rating of G before the upgrade (G ++++ really, but you can only be rated so low) and was re-rated B1, following the project’s completion. This improvement in the BER rating was helped significantly by the installation of the ProAir system. Having looked at a number of systems, we choose the ProAir system as it was not only more competitive than the others on the market but had the advantage of being produced in Ireland, installed by a local contractor and has proven to have an excellent after sales service. We found that the sales agent and installer really knew what system would do, we had great difficulty with the vague responses to some of our questions to agents for other systems. In operation, well it is just part of the house; you rarely notice that it is on. We have it installed in an annex off our bedroom in the attic and can only hear it when it is on boost. Our home always feels fresh, our bathrooms are free of mould (a problem before) and unpleasant smells are cleared quickly. In short, a year on, I would not hesitate to recommend the system.”

Review #12 – O.H, Co. Meath (September 2010)

“We planned that our new house build would be as Eco friendly as possible. To that end we ensured that we used a green heating system, sealed our house to make it air-tight, and install a competent HRV system. ProAir was recommended to us for the supply of a Heat Recovery Ventilation system that would achieve our aims. ProAir supplied and fitted the system to our house, we took advice from ProAir relating to what size system was necessary to ensure the correct necessary and effective ventilation throughout the house. We have to say that we were very impressed with ProAir’s efficiency and professionalism. Their knowledge of the system was impeccable; this allowed us to be correctly informed about what our need was. ProAir has remained in contact with us to ensure that all is well. Their after sales service and advice is very welcome. We would have no difficulties in recommending ProAir to anyone who is thinking of home improvement or new home builds looking for HRV units.”

Review #11 – J.C, South Co. Galway (August 2010)

“I have been using a ProAir system for the past 10 years. We have found the system to be very beneficial in ventilating a sealed house. The benefit of the heat exchanger can be seen in the distribution of heat from a warm living room to the remainder of the house. I would recommend the use of a ProAir system for effective ventilation.”

Review #10 – J.C, Galway City – June 2010

“It is now over six months since I had a ProAir HRV system installed at my house and thought that I would give you some feedback on my experience. To do that let me first explain why I installed your system. My house is a bungalow built in 1988 and was constructed in accordance with the standards of the time. I found that I was paying in excess of €2,000 per year on heating oil and also several hundred on gas bills. Despite all this expenditure I found that it was still difficult to heat the house so I upgraded the internal wall and attic insulation. This had some benefit but I still noticed that on windy days it was still difficult to heat the house due to the mandatory vents that are fitted in all rooms. Even when these were closed the wind still “washed” the heat out of the house. Poor ventilation also led to problems with mould in bathrooms/shower, odours and windows misting up. The system was installed and commissioned in three days. While your fitters were at work I took on the task of sealing up all the vents with expanding foam finished over with plaster and the two chimneys were sealed using “chimney balloons”. Not all of the benefits are immediately apparent and I did have some difficulty persuading other members of the family to keep windows and doors closed but six months on I can give it a “big thumbs” up. The air inside the house is always fresh and the ventilation problems mentioned above no longer exist. Since we moved into the house 22 years ago the oil fired central heating was always switched on morning and evening during winter months. This winter has been the coldest on record and with the HRV system running we found that it was not necessary to turn on the heat in the mornings as the inside air temperature dropped only three degrees (from 21 to 18) during the night despite freezing cold weather outside. In the future this will reduce the required number of “fills” of oil from three to two each year and we no longer use the two gas fires so there is a major cost saving. I congratulate you on a job well done and highly recommend your HRV system to anyone who is interested in reducing energy costs and having a much healthier environment inside their house to boot. Wishing you and your company continued success in the future.”

Review #9 – (March 2010)

“We have recently refurbished a 1970 four bed and put in the pro-air unit. They are an Irish product and supply and fit came in under €5,000. Appendix Q, solid ducts and all that. It has been in six months now. It did develop a fan imbalance and whine. It was replaced straight away, no quibbles. Otherwise working fine. It is not a bells and jingles model with high end sensors etc but I think that is an advantage? A number of the systems we looked at had features that were irrelevant for our situation etc. but they were in the price. The unit is in an annex to our bedroom (behind the built-in wardrobe) and under normal operations we cannot hear it. This was a big worry for us when deciding were to put it. When it is on boost you can hear it. In the rebuild the house was made air-tight(er) and we have yet to feel the need open the windows for fresh air etc. How it will perform in the summer we have yet to find out. Very happy with the service. We did find being an Irish product to be an advantage as the others were just re-selling units built for slightly different markets. As said above it does not heat the house but controls the heat within the house while keeping the air fresh etc.”

Review #8 – Askaboutmoney (April 2009)

“ProAir in Tuam, did mine, no complaints.”

Review #7 – M.S, Co. Meath (January 2009)

“We are delighted with the ProAir system we have recently installed. As you know we were concerned about it being a retro-fit situation and the possible damage that could occur during installation. We found the Installation team very professional, they arrived as arranged and worked steadily, cleaning up after themselves and with minimal damage to the house. Having insulated the house too well during the renovations a number of years ago, it is great to now have fresh air in all the rooms. The rooms which had a slight musty smell due to poor ventilation are so much fresher now. The bedrooms in particular are so much more comfortable to sleep in as the stuffiness is gone and where my son and I had trouble with our sinuses, the situation has dramatically improved. I would highly recommend the Pro-air system and Installation team.”

Review #6 – Energy Analysis on house plans (Cloughjordan Eco Village) Co. Tipperary – Acorn Energy (May 2008)

“The ventilation system used was a mechanical heat recovery system as specified by the client. As specified by DEAP the default values for system efficiency and power usage must be used unless a system is specified form the UK Standard Assessment Procedure Appendix Q database. For this BER the following Irish manufactured system was chosen form Appendix Q.

  • Make and Mode: PA 300
  • Efficiency based on extracts in kitchen and 2 bathrooms: 84%
  • Fan Power: 0.96 Watts

Note the system chosen is significantly better than the default values on DEAP which specify an efficiency of 66% and specific fan power usage at 2 watts double the Proair system.”

Review #5 – Askaboutmoney (February 2008)

“We also got ours from ProAir and are very happy with it. We were strapped for extra cash, but our geo-therm. guys recommended the MHRV as a way of making the whole system more efficient. No condensation is a great thing. Your house will be healthier overall.”

Review #4 – Askaboutmoney (January 2008)

“We have HRV in our block-built house. Installed by Proair of Galway. Very professional and thorough job, highly recommended. Cost was c. 8k, but we have two units due to the size of the house. Been in constant operation since October, no issues so far. Complexity? Turn it on and leave it. When you have a shower/bath press boost. That’s it.”

Review #3 – Askaboutmoney (November 2007)

“We have geothermal heating and the HRV as we were advised to do so by our geothermal contractor and architect. We have been in 10 months and have had no hassle, or problems. We had a small problem with a switch for the ventilation about a month ago and the company (Proair) in Tuam as mentioned, came out within a couple of days, sorted it out and changed the filters at the same time. Another major benefit that we noticed is that smells don’t linger in the house as normally happens. After painting the inside of the house, the smell was barely noticeable within a short space of time. I would definitely recommend it.”

Review #2 – (June 2007)

“Our system is ProAir as well, Only been in the house a few weeks but good so far.”

Review #1 – (July 2006)

“I put in a HRV system from ProAir in Galway ( It basically extracts and supplies air to the house by means of a motor in the attic. It extracts from areas like kitchen, bathrooms, hotpress and supplies to all others like bedrooms etc. The air that is extracted is “warm” as it has been heated by radiators, showers, cylinder and this passes close to the fresh air that is supplied to the house thus warming it. This means that it will not need to be heated again and therfore is more efficient. I need it in my house becase I am trying to get the house as airtight as possible so no vents in windows or walls but it is meant to be good in any house. I found them very efficient. The pipework has been installed and wiring done. It has to be commissioned and some connections finished in the attic but so far so good. I went to see a system that had been completed by them before I went with them and the clients were happy with them too.”

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