Ducting Systems

Ducting Systems

ProAir has many years’ experience in designing and installing ducting systems for the residential market. We supply and install an rigid, oval ducting system called Duct & Joint. The MVHR system is an integral part of the fabric of your home. When specifying ducting systems it is important that they are:

  • Appropriately sized
  • Relatively easy to work with
  • Will fit easily in attics, partitions and service voids
  • Smooth walled on the inside so as not to create resistance to air movement

Ventilation ducts come in various cross-sectional forms such as round (generally 100mm diameter) and rectangular (commonly 204x 60mm). At ProAir Systems we prefer an oval alternative to both of these. The ProAir ducting system is highly effective and will outlive most of the other building components in the house. Please find a duct cross sectional area comparison here.


The advantages of the ProAir Duct & Joint oval ducting system are:

  • It has similar airflow characteristics to its circular cousin.
  • Its single profile facilitates easy use in partitions and service voids.
  • Its various widths make it more versatile and easier to install than rectangular.
  • It is a higher quality product than the normally available rectangular or semi-rigid duct which can sag in the middle leading to air leakage.
  • It can be installed in and under ceiling service cavities and remain within the air-tight envelope for higher efficiency

Proper design of ducting systems is of utmost importance. A properly designed and sized ducting system will comply with all building regulations and ensure an efficient system with a long lifespan. At ProAir we design systems specific to each house to make sure it works correctly. Systems should be designed by experienced professionals and not just installed without forethought and planning. Click HERE to download our brochure for our new Duct & Joint ducting system.

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