The Duct & Joint range is a ducting system specifically designed for residential and small commercial mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery (MVHR). The system offers the design professional a menu of options when designing low pressure, high efficiency duct layouts.


The Duct & Joint product comes in four widths, which are:

All ducting has the same internal height of 60mm, or 62.5mm including the couplers. Using Duct & Joint products with ProAir distribution boxes fits in well with the strategy of serving rooms separately from a central distribution point to minimise noise transfer within the system.

The Duct & Joint range is a rigid, oval, PVC ducting system that will save space and ensure low duct pressures when designed correctly. This low profile ducting system benefits both designers and homeowners providing high performance and durability. The smooth wall internal surfaces will ensure air moves easily and noise can be eliminated.

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